baby it's cold again

(feat Trent Domonic)

Good Folk

Podcast Ep 004

GOOD FOLK is a newsletter, podcast, and community project about the people and stories of rural America and the American South.



QC NervE

Pat Moran

"The EP is a series of elliptical reveries and discoveries, with seven delicately crafted songs that combine silken confessional vocals with pulsing, almost subliminal R&B rhythms and stacked ethereal harmonies. Listening to Rabbit Hole is like stumbling on a secret diary filled with hard-won and relatable revelations about the pain, anxiety and kindness that can come from love. It’s as intimate as a human heartbeat, and as magical as a haunted music box..."


Shakilya Lawrence

"Charlotte-based singer-songwriter Nia Johnson, a.k.a Nia J, has released her debut EP, Rabbit Hole. The 18-minute, seven-song project takes listeners on a soulful and serene voyage unveiling the simple complexities of life, love, growth, sexuality, and finding yourself..."


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