Nia J is a singer-songwriter based in Charlotte, North Carolina who infuses her sultry vocals and rich harmonies with captivating lyricism to produce a unique and introspective sound. She recorded her first project, Rabbit Hole - EP, in a friend’s bedroom in 2021. Described as “a secret diary filled with hard-won and relatable revelations about the pain, anxiety and kindness that can come from love,” the EP offered sanctuary to many who listened. 

At a young age, Nia J always knew that she wanted to be a singer. She grew up performing in talent shows, musicals, and church choir in the small town of Southern Pines, NC. Today, Nia J draws influence from a wide variety of genres, which can be heard in her latest single, “GWHF” girls wanna have fun, with it's bedroom alt-pop melody, smooth R&B rhythm and funk feel: her upcoming album will further showcase the complexities and versatility she possesses as an artist.

Eager to take the stage in a new way, Nia J is ready to tell her story to all who will listen.



Good folk

Spencer George

Many artists from Southern and rural communities grow up being told they should hate the places they are from— that they should want to get to big cities where “real” arts and culture thrive. But none of us would be who we are if it weren’t for the places we are from— our roots imbue our art, our lives, and our own unique journeys.

QC NervE

Pat Moran

"The EP is a series of elliptical reveries and discoveries, with seven delicately crafted songs that combine silken confessional vocals with pulsing, almost subliminal R&B rhythms and stacked ethereal harmonies. It’s as intimate as a human heartbeat, and as magical as a haunted music box..."


Shakilya Lawrence

"Charlotte-based singer-songwriter Nia Johnson, a.k.a Nia J, has released her debut EP, Rabbit Hole. The 18-minute, seven-song project takes listeners on a soulful and serene voyage unveiling the simple complexities of life, love, growth, sexuality, and finding yourself..."


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